What is Air Polishing?

Air polishing is a simple yet very effective treatment designed to revitalise your smile, removing stains caused by factors including tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco and certain mouthwashes. It uses a jet of compressed air, water and fine powder particles to gently target stains and remove build ups of plaque in all areas of the mouth.

Air polishing is a far more effective treatment than the traditional scale and polish, which can cause discomfort and take longer to achieve results. The innovative treatment puts no pressure on your teeth and is so gentle it can be used successfully around orthodontic work and on implants, crowns, bridges and fillings to make your smile sparkle again.

What does the treatment involve?


At first, we take a close look at your teeth, assessing the level of staining and discolouration present. At this stage, we may take some photographs so we can show you a side by side comparison once treatment has finished.


We ensure you are ready and relaxed before beginning treatment. We guide the jet of air, water and powder particles across your teeth, evenly removing stains and plaque from even hard to reach areas. The procedure is completely pain free and is completed in a short time.


Your results are immediately visible after just one treatment, leaving you with beautifully whiter and healthier teeth and a confident smile.

Air polishing is one of the complimentary treatments available to all our Care Plan patients – please contact us to learn more about joining our membership scheme.

Any questions?

Treatment results

Before After

Before treatment

This patient had stained lower teeth from smoking.

After treatment

The stains are completely gone after just one simple and painless procedure.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are there any alternatives to air polishing?

    You may consider teeth whitening to remove staining from your teeth. This treatment can whiten deeper than the surface stains tackled by air polishing, so if you have significant staining or discolouration, or wish to change the natural shade of your teeth, whitening may be better for you. Please talk to your dentist about your options.

  • Is air polishing really pain free?

    Yes, air polishing is a completely pain free and comfortable treatment, much more so than traditional hygiene methods. No anaesthetic is required and you can return to your normal daily activities straight away.

  • Can I have air polishing treatment if I have crowns/bridges/implants fitted?

    Yes, air polishing is a very gentle treatment which can be used successfully on your natural teeth and dental work, such as crowns, veneers, bridges and implants. Air polishing is also effective around orthodontic wires and brackets.

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