Why should I have composite bonding?

Composite is a special dental resin made from a combination of plastic and glass. It can perfectly mimic tooth enamel and we can match it to your tooth colour so it fits perfectly in your smile. Composite is built up directly onto your tooth, so there is no need to remove any enamel to make space for the restoration.

Composite bonding treatment is very quick, able to be completed in just one appointment at the practice. Our skilled dentists carefully and accurately build up the shape of your tooth from scratch, providing a highly aesthetic finish, with no need for impressions or restorations built in a lab.

What does the treatment involve?


We dry your tooth and prepare the surface with a special acidic gel, creating a rough surface for the composite to properly bond to.


We apply the composite in layers, gradually building up the precise and accurate shape. We take care to carefully match the composite to the colour of your surrounding natural teeth for a seamless finish.


We harden the composite using a blue UV light, and it sets immediately. We then give the tooth a professional polish to leave it shiny, smooth and fully functioning.

Any questions?

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I look after my restored tooth?

    Composite is invulnerable to bacteria and decay, but the natural tooth underneath isn’t. Great oral hygiene at home will keep your composite bonded tooth lasting for as long as possible. You may require maintenance on these restorations, particularly if you like to drink tea or coffee or enjoy other food and drinks that stain your teeth. This can easily be monitored at your regular check-ups.

  • Does composite bonding treatment hurt?

    Not at all – the treatment is completely pain free. We ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable before beginning, and the quick process will be over before you know it.

  • Will the composite material damage my teeth?

    No, composite material is completely safe to add to your natural teeth, and will not cause any damage. It can be repaired or removed easily in a single appointment.

  • Can I eat normally on my treated tooth?

    Yes, as the composite is hardened and set immediately, it gives your tooth full function straight away. You can eat as normal directly after treatment.

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